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Smart subscription analytics

Access to AI-powered subscription analytics that are designed to provide actionable insights and drive business growth.

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Chat-based interface

Timely access to subscription analytics in a convenient and user-friendly way, augmenting the need for dashboards and reports.

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Multiple analytics platform support

User flexibility through support for subscription analytics platforms such as ChartMogul, and billing systems such as Stripe.

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Great news! Acme Solutions, LLC purchased the Platinum Plan, resulting in $2,199.00 of new MRR.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the service do?

The service is a bot (named Chewy) that pushes insights (called Chewy Thoughts) and answers questions about key SaaS metrics. Right now, the service answers questions specifically supported by the ChartMogul API which includes customer level MRR and ARR as well as account level MRR, ARR, Customer Churn, Net Revenue Churn, Average Sales Price, Average Revenue Per Account, and Lifetime Value.

It can also answer questions as to how many customers your account currently has as well as provide contact information for the customer account.

What kinds of questions can the bot answer?

Here are a few examples:

  • What is the MRR for {customer}?
  • What was the ARR for {customer} as of last month?
  • What is our MRR?
  • What is our current LTV?
  • What is our customer churn rate?
  • What is the contact information we have for {customer}?
  • How many subscribers do we have?
  • Who are our 5 largest customers?

The service is really limited by the API capability of the underlying data sources connected to it.

How do users interact with the bot?

There are three primary ways to interact with Chewbotta.

  1. There is a Dashboard where "Chewy Thoughts" are displayed. These notifications include things like MRR movements, daily summaries, etc.
  2. There are "private conversations" that are between you and Chewy where you can ask questions. In a private conversation you can ask questions like "What is our current MRR?".
  3. There are "team conversations" that are between you, Chewy, and all others in your organization with access to Chewbotta. When in a team conversation if you want Chewy to answer a question for you, you have to @ mention chewy. For example " what is our current MRR?".

Have more questions? Ask Chewy himself!